Lebanese are endangered species.
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2012-06-23 19:25:22 UTC

It has been 20 years since my first post on SCL in 1992. Even though I didn't contribute much, it was home away from home when I was in the U.S.A. as I left Lebanon when I was 5 years old. It was the perfect place to observe our differences, feel our similarities, and express our thoughts and feelings. I longed to Lebanon sooooooooooooo many years, even though never lived there. My eyes were most generous with tears when my ears hear the word "Lebanon" or my eyes see anything that is "Lebanon."

What I learned most from SCL is how poor our knowledge of our history is. Each sees it according to what he/she see fit or maybe learned from parents. Another thing I learned is that some people support an idea and others come against it. Then those who support the idea turns against it and those against it become for it ‼‼ After years of reading SCL, newspapers, and other news sources; I realized that each person spoke (wrote) the words of a politician. What is so strange is that writers change their views according to that particular politician.

It wasn't until I came back to Lebanon in 2005 that I experienced what I learned. It sad to see intelligent, beautiful, and sophisticated people as Lebanese getting fooled and dragged like castles by politicians who they came to office by their votes and who never cared about them. It sad that people will demonstrate, cut roads, burn tires, destroy properties, and do much more for a politician. On the other hand, they will not even speak for their right. They will not speak for their kids' right. Lebanon is the most expansive country in utilities; and even then we don't get it. We pay for legal documents (like passports and others) more than any other country; and even then we are not respected in other countries. … and …. and …. and …. and …. and …. and …. and ….

Is it our fate to agree on disagreeing? Is it our fate to live like castles? Is it our fate to breath and feed on heat? Is it our fate to prefer a politician who we made over ourselves and our children? Is it our fate to destroy each other so other countries may take over our land? Is it fate to accept being lied to and accept it? Is it fate to be used and abused and not do anything about it? Is it fate to suffer with our children living in our country and politicians' children live abroad? Is it fate that a hungry father that had to steel bread for his kids spend years in jail and a person who comets treason, betray his country Lebanon, and causes many Lebanese to be killed spend only months in jail? Is it fate that ……? Is it fate that ……? Is it fate that ……? Is it fate that ……?


Wake up …. Lebanese are endangered species in this world. Even those you follow, they are endangered. As soon as the big fishes are done with them, they will eat them.

In an article I wrote in 1994 and Again in 1997 titled " What Are you? Lebanese, Arabs, or Muslims/Cristians?" I wrote:

"It is strange being a Lebanese, it really is: I was born in Lebanon, so I am a Lebanese. I was born speaking Arabic, so I am Arabic. I was born Muslim, so I am Muslim. To be a Lebanese, a nationalist, I must be loyal to Lebanon and Lebanon only. I must fight who fights Lebanon, and hate who hates Lebanon. My enemies are: Non Lebanese. Arabic or not, Muslim or not. My loyalty is to: Lebanon and Lebanese. Good or bad, Arabic or not, Muslim or not. To be Arabic, Raciest, I must be loyal to all Arabs. I must fight who fights Arabs, and hate who hates Arabs. My enemies are: Non Arabs. Good or bad, Lebanese or not, Muslims or not. My loyalty is to: The Arab lands and people. Good or bad, Lebanese or not, Muslims or not. To be a Muslim, religionist, I must be loyal to Islam. I must fight who fights Islam, and hate who hates Islam. My enemies are: Non Muslims. Lebanese or not, Arabic or not. My loyalty is to: Islam and Muslims, good or bad, Lebanese or not, arabic or not. So what am I? Where my loyalty should belong? I am confused and lost. Jews are really smart, I have to give that to them. They really know how to screw us Lebanese, Muslims, Christians up. They have planted three different Values in us: Nationalism, Racism, and Religionist. And in each, they were able to create sub values."

You know what? It is true ………..

Tarek Jaber
2012-06-25 09:06:55 UTC
Hi Tarek

welcome back to SCL.

As long as there is a distrust between us Lebanese, we will always be
divided along our Sectarian Line and behind the Zou3amah, also bear in mind
, not all current Lebanese are natively from Lebanon, and most of us seems
to have our loyalty to other Country than to ours, i mean what do you call
someone who pledge loyalty to a Certain state, and pretty much in conflict
with our National Security/Interest and independence?, will leave it at
that...., religion is another way to attract those who lost their fait in
the political system, un employed and desperate.
wait few more years, you will see Indians, Filipinos, Sri Lankans, etc...,
demanding their share of power and the right to Nationalization, etc...,
don't mind those who already got it by force during the occupation.


1- Lebanese Should Leave religion at Home and Religious figures should not
middle in Political Affairs and those of the state
2- Arms Control, Under National Defence Force, controlled by the Army and
the state.
3- Palestinian Arms Control Under the Army and the State
4- Nationalism is a pride should be taught at schools, with moderation
5- To have Lebanese Citizen Ship to be loyal to our country, those who
disagree should be shipped back to their Country of origin
6- Close Citizen Ships and revoke those who got it illegally/by force during
the occupation
7- Review the current constitution, to be more secular and Democratic with
grantees for individual Rights and Freedom including Religion.
8- rights for the Palestinians, to work, invest, health and education, same
right as refugees around the world.

am quite sure other have few other ideas to add to it, but is a start.
how likely that to happen?, ......