Veil is not hijab!
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Hi everybody, Assalamu Alaykum,
My Name is Ghassan Abdelgahfour, currently working is Saudi Arabia.
I'm originally from Tripoli, El-Mina. That's the first time I participate
in newsgroup discussions.
On this hijab thing. I looked in the Islamic religion where it says women=
should wear the hijab.. I could not find such a statement. Anyways, why=20
does the female have to cover herself... What about the male.... (my=20
I don't how this subject had started, and don't know if religious
discussions are
whithin the scope of this group, but it caught my attention.
I am not very knowledgeable in Islam, but I know that there are verses in
the Quran which precisely define the persons in front of which a woman can
remove her hijab.
Surat , verse .....
question mark is not working ouf!) Is it saying that we men are so out of
control that we must make women look subservient.... I think this is more
of a cultural tradition that tells women how they must follow the
That's a very good argument. I guess the main reason is that men and women
are attracted to each other differently. Science has clearly proved that
men are more graphically excited than women.
This also explains rape patterns, women nudity in movies( well partly, the
other reason being the control of men over the movies industry), etc...
That's why women were told to cover more parts of their body than men. But
that doesn't give men any reasons to be indiscrete about their clothing.
Over here is Saudi Arabia, women are forced to cover all the body in black,
including their faces. I can't help feeling pitty for these poor women
totally dressed in black in the midst of summer.
One interesting note there is a part of the world where the men wear a=20
hijab.. This is among the Berber tribes called the Touareg in North=20
Really? Are you sure it's about hijab and not about desert protection?
Ghassan Abdelghafour
Ghassan Abdelghafour
This was brought to my attention.

I'm not adding anything to the post. I would just like to mention that I share the same name as well as a striking resemblance with the assumed poster's profile though I may or may not share the poster's views. I do however cherish my privacy and if I were to post here, I wouldn't have posted using my real name.

Ghassan Abdelghafour
2013-01-01 06:08:34 UTC
I am from Tripoli El-Mina too, there's so little we know about you apart
from you seems to attract trollers with controversial posts.
here's few tips for you for the new year

not all Jews are Jews
not all Jews are Israelites
not all Israelites are Jews
not all Jews are Zionists
not all Zionists are Jews
not all Israelites are Zionists
not all Zionists are Israelites

like any others religion, you get the good, the bad, and the greedy.
concentrate on the root of the problem to the Palestinian cause, their
*unity* to confront and deal with the problem from the start until now.

genetically Jews (not converted Jews) and Arabs are almost brother/sisters.
biblically they are cousins, one day they will wake up to this mess and
realise their wrong doing to each others.

In the mean time we Lebanese should concentrate on sorting out our own

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