LU in turmoil on special status granted to Syrian students
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Web Design Hyderabad has a great demand and much more competition, But many of companies are not able to provide good service for customers, The problem might be because of design quality, not providing dynamic works like contact form or may be client expecting more work with very low cost.

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Web design history

The Hypertext concept was invented by Ted Nelson in 60s, however it was used only for some decades after. During 1992 to 1994 other developers started adding up their own bits of HTML codes. HTML 1 tags and the HTML 2 born. As internet faster now the Web designers are putting more HTML capabilities. In 1995 more HTML tags have appeared and HTMl 3 was born. Now designers have an lot of option to use HTML B tables and style sheets and many more. They also have animated images, and Flash also introduced. It changed the whole landscape of web design from static to dynamic.

The first web site published in the World Wide Web history at sometime in August of 1981. It was some 30 years ago, however the Internet born in the sixties. It wasn’t fast as today. However it was capable in transferring information from one computer to another. Tim Berners was the first person who invented the World Wide Web. Tim Berners is British computer scientist. The First website launched in year 1990. on December 25 1990 with the help of Robert Cailliau and young student at CERN, Tim Berners implemented first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) patron and server via Internet.
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