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2015-08-25 15:33:47 UTC
Americans are supposed to be free.

Freedom is Happiness!

Everyone in the world has a natural right to freedom!

This is because logically, freedom is right!

All people are born right! People are born not wrong, and people are
born not dead!

We, all people, are born alive and right, and everything we do is right,
except when we commit action based upon contradiction.

And all laws in the United States, and in all countries across the
world, that are in contradiction to our natural right to freedom, are wrong.

Because, we are naturally right.

All people in the world have a natural right to freedom.

Freedom is happiness.

Freedom is wealth.

Restrictions and prohibitions are poverty.

Laws in contradiction to our righteous natural right to freedom are a
crime like the Holocaust was a crime.

Freedom is for everybody. Freedom is not just for the Americans, not
just for the British, not just for the Russians, but for everybody on earth.

We should not, and do not, tolerate or accept, insults to our self-esteem.

Condemnation by doctrine is denigration of character that should not
exist on the face of Planet Earth. We are not wrong! We are right!

We are born right, and everything we do is right, except when we commit
action based upon contradiction.
Such action is wrong, because others exist and have a right to freedom
too, and we must admit others exist, and all juries certainly admit this
fact. So admitting this fact, of others' existence and right to freedom,
we cannot violate it, without making a contradiction. And someone making
a contradiction cannot maintain anything.

Thus, freedom does not include taking others' freedom.

If we have done wrong we apologize and move on.

Victims deserve recompenses.

Even though we are free to do all things, and even though we are of
right, at liberty to do all things, all things are not necessarily wise
or helpful. For instance drinking 15 shots of vodka, or having
unprotected sex with strangers, are not either helpful or wise things.

But no one has a right to condemn us for doing such things. There is no
wrong to activity that does not potentially victimize someone else.

Thus those who take violent and therefore victimizing action against us
for doing such activities that do not potentially victimize someone else
are in the wrong. Repeal such wrongful legislation now because we have a
natural right to freedom. Repeal such legislation that, it should be
said, equally subjugates and disenfranchises law enforcement, judges,
and public legislators as well as common citizens alike, and makes a
mockery of criminal justice, human dignity, and human rights.
Joe Cooper
2015-09-28 18:35:43 UTC
Post by America
Americans are supposed to be free.
Good luck with that - you're living in a police state.
Wake up, America

"Never underestimate the willingness of white progressives to be offended
on behalf of people who aren’t and to impose their will on those who didn’t
ask for it." (Derek Hunter)

"Liberals never argue with one another over substance; their only dispute
is how to prevent the public from figuring out what they really believe."
(Ann Coulter)
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