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2012-05-30 18:15:57 UTC
By Aviroce

For the General Certificate of Education from London University, I had
to study European History. I almost memorized the book on European
History and I wish I remember it all. I studied about Poland. Now, I
can see there was Poland, there was no Poland, there was Poland, there
was no Poland, and there is Poland. The Partition of Poland resulted
in having Frederick take the last piece of Poland and declare there
was no more Poland. Poland reorganized after WWI as a country and
played a major role in WWII thanks to German and Austrian Jews.

When Jews were the only gatekeepers in the German and Austrian
nations, these nations were choked. Great unemployment, and lack of
social, political and economic powers reduced the Germans and
Austrians to be nobody unless a rabbi sanctions their efforts and most
of the time this meant Germans and Austrians were slaves to Jew
domination. Adolph Hitler, like Fidel Castro, organized a social
group of Germans, Socialist Party, to combat Jew domination known as
Zionist domination of Germans and Austrians. Hitler, himself a Jew by
birth and Catholic by conversion, was able dismantle the Zionist
tentacles over the German people and basically set the Jew control
aside increasing productivity among Germans and setting high standards
in education and manufacturing to the point of "Export or Death."
Jews sought outside help like they did before in England. In 1917
these Jews were able to buy the Balfour Declaration from England to
create a new state in Palestine called Israel now. Well the strategy
under the Germans was to entice England to take over Germany as one of
its colonies with their help from inside and outside. England fell
into the trap. England established a treaty of the War Power Act with
Poland where Poland would attack Germany and Germany would retaliate
against Poland and then England would attack Germany helping Poland
and the final result was WWII.

When President Obama refers to death camps in Poland, he means without
any doubt death camps for all kinds of people and not only Jews. But
Jews really deserved such death camps as they betrayed their country
Germany to Poland and England. When the President talks about Poland
he would have that knowledge in mind. Poland was a perpetrator and a
Jew ally. Poland attacked Germany. Germany would establish some kind
of camp to destroy its enemies given the fact the enemy was the actual
perpetrator of WWII.

Would the Jews invite the Chinese to destroy USA should the American
people rrealize that Jews have strong monopolies on media, social,
economic, political and military issues not favoring the American
people in general? Judging from history, Jews would betray the
American people to even the score. Their history is based on greed
and betrayal.

2012-05-30 18:33:28 UTC
You're fucking insane!
2012-05-31 06:24:10 UTC
Typical Jew response. Jews are guilty of being traitors. What goes
around comes around at the most inopportune time.
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You're fucking insane!
2012-05-31 06:13:06 UTC
By now we all understand why Jews and Zionist attempt to issue edicts
of evaluations of others on the wrong side of the issue. Denigrating
the poster leads you nowhere. In the bathroom you are king of kings.
When outside, you are greedy, savage Jew that should be punished.
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You're fucking insane!
2012-05-31 06:20:53 UTC
From a Jew that is a compliment. I remember the story of the Jew who
would defacate not too far from where the Prophet Mohammed stayed
until one day the Jew did not do it. Now the Prophet Mohammed sent
his men looking for him. What happened to him?

A Jew ejects filth out of the mouth and the ass. Typical Jew
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You're fucking insane!